Mindful. Grateful. Kind.

International Day of Happiness

Of all the things that are important to us in the world, being happy is definitely near the top of the list, so International Day of Happiness is our kind of day!

This year the themes are mindfulness, gratitude and kindness. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when my to-do-list is getting on top of me, it’s all I can do to keep up, let alone take time out to check in on my own state of happiness and stop and smell the roses.

But, in these turbulent and testing times, it is super-important that we take time out to assess our own state of mind, and to check in on others as well.

So I’m setting a little challenge for you this International Day of Happiness. Three little tasks you can do to just take a bit of a break from life, reset and hopefully, spark a little bit of joy.

Task 1: Be mindful – Sit down in a quiet corner and do absolutely nothing. Just for a minute or two, if that’s all you have to spare. Try and clear your mind and just “be”, just for a little bit of time. You’ll be surprised at how settled you feel, even just doing this for a minute.

Task 2: Be grateful – Now that you’re relaxed and comfortable after your mindful activity, take some time to think about the things you have to be grateful for. It can be a simple as the sun warming your face or a bunch of flowers on your kitchen bench, or it could be that you’re grateful for your health, your friends or family.

Task 3: Be kind – Start with yourself! Pay yourself a compliment. It could be that you’re having a good hair day, or that you’ve jumped a challenging hurdle at work or with family life. Then be kind to someone else. Jump online and donate to a worthy cause, or tell a stranger that you like their outfit. Kindness is infectious so you never know what you might start!

Now I’m no psychologist, but I do know that we women can be a bit hard on ourselves sometimes. This particularly applies to our looks, especially as we’ve all been guilty of comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we come up short.

That’s why I’ve created swimwear that is designed to flatter you at any size or shape, make you feel confident, good in the skin you’re in, and above all happy! It’s amazing how beautiful pieces in your wardrobe can boost your mood and your confidence, and swimwear is no exception.

I’m also a big believer in the power of positivity to encourage and lift up our fellow women. We’re all here to support each other and share the love and kindness.

Sending happiness,

Megan xx

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