Because we understand every fibre's environmental impact on our planet, Ellenny Swim is committed to fostering biodiversity through our material choices.  As a swimwear brand, we care deeply about the world's oceans. An estimated 50-80% of life is found under the ocean surface, and statistics show 8 million tonnes of waste and 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are being abandoned there annually.

We manufacture using Italian Carvico fabric containing a 100% regenerated nylon originating from waste like tulle, fishing nets and carpet fluff. Woven into a high stretch, super-soft swimwear fabric, it’s not only environmentally responsible but offers functionality and beautiful wearability.

Because wearing sunscreen isn't enough to protect skin in summer, our range is made from fabric with the highest rating of UPF 50+. Our swimwear features shapes that offer extra protection, from long-sleeve rashies to full back coverage, so not only are you protecting your skin, but using less sunscreen and preventing chemicals leaching into the sea. Wearing Ellenny Swim means looking and feeling fabulous, whilst protecting our precious oceans and enjoy stress-free time in the sun.


Ellenny Swim is designed to be worn season after season. Our fabrics include high quality innovative elastomeric fibres that are scientifically manufactured to be chlorine, sand and sunscreen resistant. When taken good care of, each pair of Ellenny Swim bathers retains its shape, colour and form ensuring years of wear, style, and enjoyment.

Effortless styling

Our range of one-piece designs, rash tops and bottoms are designed to be easily mixed and matched. Ellenny Swim prints are created exclusively in-house by a leading Australian designer. Choose from a range including Wildflowers that meshes florals and leopard print, and Night Garden, a stunningly beautiful paisley and floral.