Top 10 worldwide destinations to rock your Ellenny bathers

When was the last time you had a vacay? It’s been a minute since most of us have had a well-deserved breather, and you deserve the break babe.

All of us  here at Ellenny have been putting our travel guide hats on lately, and we wanted to share some of our awesome ideas with you. Get your passports ready, and your bags packed as we map out some amazing global destinations to rock your favourite Ellenny bathers!

  • Mykonos, Greece 

  • White sands, pristine waters and of course, those amazing colours by the coast. First on the map is Mykonos, one of the Greek islands. We love Mykonos for the iconic landmarks, the 16th-century windmills and the amazingly friendly locals. Be sure to visit Paradise Beach, and to eat your weight in hummus (that’s what we’ll be doing).

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy 

  • If you need us, we’ll be relaxing with a Spritz in hand, on the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is easily one of the most beautiful, most desirable, and most charming, coastal regions in the world. The backdrop is undeniably gorgeous, and you know the only thing that will make it better? Your Ellenny Swim swimwear, of course. 

  • Ubud, Bali 

  • An artisan village known for its leafy laneways, delicious food, resort-style havens and the smiling locals. Why not book yourself a ladies getaway in one of the resorts in this village, and spend all day lounging around in your Ellenny bathers by the pool. While you’re there, be sure to visit the markets, and get yourself a deluxe massage.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico 

  • Puerto Rico is always a good idea. When you turn to one side, you’ve got the beach, when you turn to the other side you’ve got the forest. Turn your head once again, and you’ve got a bustling city of San Juan with so much to do. Everything on the island is accessible by drive, and just an hour out of San Juan will take you to the bioluminescent bays of Fajardo. You’ll fall in love with this romantic island, because we sure have. 

  • Port Louis, Mauritius

  • This scenic African island sits east of Madagascar, and offers a multitude of beaches that will have you living your best life. You will be head over heels with the endless strips of shoreline including, the Flic en Flac and Le Morne beaches. Relax on the beautiful white sand and superb vantage points for sunsets.

  • Fiji

  • Did you know that the tropical beaches featured in the movie "Cast Away" and multiple seasons of the TV show "Survivor" were in one of the many islands of Fiji? This location comes with so much choice, after all it boasts 333 islands! We’re talking sparkling waters and endless stretches of pristine sand. Fiji is the perfect spot for paradise-seeking beachgoers! You can choose to spend your time snorkelling through Taveuni's diverse coral reefs, or you can opt to put your explorer hat on and go on an island hop. 

  • Tahiti 

  • Beaches paired with gourmet French cuisine? Where do we sign? Take a trip to Tahiti for a mix of cuisine and beachside paradise. Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian islands, and it is known for offering top-notch fare, verdant jungles, lavish resorts and sandy shores.  We personally love Papenoo Beach on Tahiti Nui for excellent shoreside activities. 

  • Maldives 

  • When you think of a beachside holiday you are sure to think of Maldives right? We cannot recommend these islands enough. After all, the Maldives is unlike any beach destination you'll ever see. This tropical paradise has about 1,200 islands, with each beach being more gorgeous than the last. Set your towel down, because you can expect soft sand, towering palm trees, incredibly blue waters and surreal sunsets. 

  • St Lucia 

  • Whether it is the lengthy stretches of sand or the charming coves, St Lucia is a hidden gem you will fall deeply in love with. We are talking about private shorelines backed by lush mountains, and resorts that cater to your every need.. Be sure to visit Marigot Bay where you can watch boats and yachts, or Reduit Beach for the snorkelers. For the more adventurous babes, you should check out Grande Anse, a  secluded beach that hosts nesting leatherback sea turtles.

  • Maui, Hawaii 

  • Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands, boasts impressive beaches both big and small. Did you know that there are black sand shores at Wai'anapanapa State Park? How pristine and magical! Imagine the photos you could take with that kind of background. Our eyes are gleaming already.

    Anyway, before you start planning your trip, be sure to pop into our store on your way out! Happy holidaying babes, we can’t wait to see your snaps while you are globe-trotting the world. 

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