As founder and designer of Ellenny Swim, Megan Davis knows a thing or two about swimwear. Growing up in Melbourne, she spent her childhood basking in the Australian sun. "A big day at the beach in the 1970s meant sunburn followed by blisters and peeling skin!" she says. "Today, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancers in the world. Research shows those younger years are the most crucial for protecting skin from sun damage."

Noticing a lack in the market for beautiful, sun-safe swimwear, Megan left the corporate world behind and launched her line. "After years of wearing badly-fitting swimwear, I created my range for women and girls that not only looks stylish but is
sun-safe, ecofriendly, and enhancing for all sizes."

After living in the US and Dubai, Megan relocated to Melbourne and then Perth, where Ellenny Swim is now based.

Using innovative Italian-made regenerated nylon, the range offers the highest rating of UPF50+ and extra coverage and body support.

"Ellenny Swim is very inclusive and fits all sizes and shapes," Megan says. "Because women's swimwear needs are always changing, I am always thinking about innovative shapes and body support when designing. I know what women want, and it’s the very cornerstone of everything we do at Ellenny Swim."