There’s sunscreen…and then there’s sunscreen.

In Australia, we’ve all grown up with the “slip, slop, slap” message, and we all know about the risks of melanoma that can come with too much exposure to our bright sunshine.

But we recently read some depressing research - some sunscreens might actually contain toxic chemicals that cause other types of cancer, such as breast cancer, as they find their way through our pores and into our bodies.

Using a product to prevent one type of cancer only to find out it might cause another? Nope! Here’s how you can avoid the bad ones and find the good ones in just one step:

READ THE FINE PRINT: Stick on your glasses and read the tiny fine print on the tube. If it contains ingredients such as oxybentone, homosalate or octocrylene, DO NOT BUY IT!

Instead, you need to look for words like “paraben free” and “certified organic”. We also suggest you look for sunscreens that act as barrier creams, protecting your skin by creating a layer on top of it rather than soaking into it.

These cancer-causing chemicals aren’t just bad for your skin, they’re bad for our oceans too! Parabens are the sworn enemy of our reefs, blocking out the UV light our coral needs to survive, and they also leech into the water causing havoc for both the coral and our sea creatures.

Here at Ellenny Swim we stock Mother SPF30, not just because it’s a home-grown Australian brand just like us, but because it ticks all the boxes in terms of good ingredients for our skin and our environment, plus it works a treat in terms of sun protection.

Combining Mother SPF30 with your UPF50+ Ellenny Swim swimsuit will give you an almost impenetrable shield against our harsh Aussie sunshine.  It’s safe for use on the kids too which means you only need to carry around the one tube!

All you need now is a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sexy shades and you’ll be covered from head to toe!

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