The power of women supporting women

women supporting women

Here at Ellenny Swim we’re all about confidence and empowerment, with the aim of helping women achieve their full potential and feel the very best about themselves. That’s not just when we’re at the beach wearing swimwear, but when we’re supporting each other in the daily juggle of life – running businesses and households and raising families.

Women have a unique way of lifting each other up and providing encouragement, which can be particularly helpful in building lasting friendships but also when tackling the challenges of entrepreneurship.

The collaboration between Ellenny’s Swim’s founder Megan and Wordsworth Marketing’s founder Sarah began way back at a little playgroup on the other side of the world in Houston, Texas!  Who knew back then that a few years later they’d come together to help each other grow their own businesses into something rewarding, fulfilling and successful for both of them.

It’s a story that repeats itself over and over with women in business. Women combine their superpowers (in this case designing amazing swimwear and building websites) to create something pretty great…and still remain friends!

For Sarah, working with Megan and Ellenny Swim was a great opportunity to be involved with a brand right from the start.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Ellenny Swim almost from day dot! Working with a blank slate means we’ve had lots of opportunities to shift and adapt along the way and it’s been really interesting to see Ellenny Swim grow over the last few years,” Sarah said.

“I think it has helped that I’ve knew Megan before we worked together – it’s easy to bounce ideas around and we can be honest with each other about the trials and tribulations of running a business without sugar-coating anything. At the end of the day, we’re supporting each other and that’s worth a lot when you’re in business on your own.”

Does being friends help or hinder the working relationship though?

“I’m sure it depends on the personalities involved, but in this case I think it helps. I don’t think either of us are surprised when the other emails at weird times – we just know that things get done around school pickup or sports practices, or trips to the supermarket. Each just “gets it” because we’re both in the same boat raising kids and running businesses,” Megan said.

It has also been a great excuse to catch up in interesting parts of the world too.

“I invited Sarah to the very first Ellenny Swim photo shoot on the Gold Coast, and we usually catch up in person whenever we’re in the same part of the world. In fact, we saw each other recently on the Mornington Peninsula just outside Melbourne – I was visiting there from Perth and Sarah and her family are travelling around Australia living and working in a camper trailer!” Megan said.

And what did they do when they caught up I hear you ask?

Went for a swim at the beach wearing Ellenny Swim of course!

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