How to wear prints by the pool

With all things summer on the mind, take some notes from classic American fashion and put a glamorous summery spin on your swimwear style. Key to nailing perfect poolside chic? Find your perfect print.
We quizzed Ellenny Swim designer Megan Davis on diving into prints with confidence this summer.

Ellenny prints are so uniquely beautiful, Megan. What inspires them?
MD: This season, I have found divine inspiration in nature. I adore beautiful patterns, from animal print and bright graphics to bold florals. Each of our prints this season is feminine yet bold and designed to be on-trend yet timelessly classic. I like them even better combined in one print for giving a pair of bathers that added 'something'.

Some of us feel a little nervous about wearing printed bathers and feel safer in block colours, mainly black!
MD: I agree, but nothing elevates your summer swim look more than a fabulous print. Some women think they look too busy or make them appear larger. The great news is they are incredibly flattering, no matter your size, shape or colour. Patterns with space about them allow the eye to rest between the print and draws attention to that part of the body. So if you love your bust, waist or bum, that's where to wear your print! Dense prints confuse the eye, and don't let it rest on a particular piece of print, so wear on the body parts you don't want to highlight as much. When it comes to finding your perfect colour, know that some tones and prints will work better on some skin shades than others. If you know what colours work for you, then look for prints with those tones. This summer, move out of your comfort zone and embrace prints!

What can a great print bring to your swimwear repertoire?
MD: It can transform a swimsuit and give you confidence and style. Swimwear makes many women feel vulnerable about themselves, but wearing something beautifully designed and produced can make you feel and look fabulous! Our prints are designed exclusively for us and bring a fresh new level of sophistication and style to your summer look.

What are your best tips for wearing prints this summer?
MD: Avoid prints that look mass-produced, and instead, opt for exclusive prints in colours that complement your taste and skin tone. If you love a neutral or pale print, make sure it includes some warm tones, especially if you have pale skin. It will avoid you looking washed out. Our new Safari Boho is perfect with its seamless melee of pale base and warm golden florals. Otherwise, blue is always an excellent choice for all skin tones, and Eastern Dreams is incredibly popular for this reason.

If you could wear just one print Megan, what would it be?
MD: I am very partial to a great animal print – it’s fun to wear and very versatile. I style a beautiful leopard print like a block colour, and throw it with a floral for an unexpected twist!

Which print is your favourite for poolside style? Let us know @ellennyswim

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