How to Stay Sun Safe this School Holidays


With summer here and the heat upon us, practising effective sun safety is an essential part of our health and skincare regiment. Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer globally, with around 56% of adults and 64% of children sunburnt every year, increasing the risk of skin cancer later in life.

The sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the primary cause of skin cancer and the best source of Vitamin D. In Australia we need to balance the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure while maintaining adequate vitamin D levels.

Because you can't see and feel UV radiation, it's essential to be aware of UV Index levels during summer. Head to The Bureau of Meteorology website for you need to know here.

So, just how much sun should you be exposing yourself to this summer? 

Osteoporosis Australia recommends the following:

For moderately fair skin: 5-10 minutes most days on exposed arms (or equivalent) at mid-morning (10 am) or mid-afternoon (2 pm)

For darker skin: 15-60 minutes most days on exposed arms (or equivalent) at mid-morning (10 am) or mid-afternoon (2 pm)

When UV levels are moderate or above, it's essential to use a combination of sun protection measures to keep you and your family safe:
Slip on sun-protective clothing.
Because wearing sunscreen simply isn't enough to protect skin in summer, Ellenny Swim creates premium sun-safe bathers. Our fabric is sustainable and offers the highest rating of UPF 50+ with shapes offering extra protection, from long-sleeve rashies to full back coverage. When you wear Ellenny bathers, not only are you protecting your skin, but there is less need for sunscreen which prevents chemicals leaching into the sea and harming our wildlife. It’s win win!

Slather on SPF. No matter what the season, sunscreen is the most effective way to protect skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation and premature ageing, which is the primary cause of fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and blotchiness discoloration, and textural abnormalities. Slather clean glow-inducing formulas that give you powerful sun protection without potentially harmful chemicals. We like Mother SPF and We Are Feel Good Inc. And don’t forget your lips! Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+protects sensitive skin whilst nourishing it beautifully thanks to Vitamin E, Cocoa Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3, 6 & 9.

Wear a broad-brimmed hat. Choose a hat that provides shade to your face, head, ears, and neck. Try a broad-brimmed, bucket hat with a wide brim in straw or look for one in fabric that can be easily washed. We love Lack of Color, Cotton On, Will and Bear and Business and Pleasure Co.

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