Do you ever feel invisible?


If you take a good look at the marketing for most products these days, their target market is often young and beautiful women (and men) no matter whether the product is something specific to a young and beautiful woman, or more likely, is something we all use. Toothpaste, cars, wine, holidays…we all enjoy these things, but invariably it seems like the target market is someone who doesn’t look like me or you.

While it’s not a new phenomenon, it’s also not an accurate reflection of society either. It’s a fact that women (and men) do get older, and in fact, often the older generations actually have more money to spend than the younger ones!

This level of invisibility filters into everyday life – there are younger newsreaders on the news, our kid’s teachers seem so young, and we even find that it’s like other people see right through us when we’re out in public (such as when we’re in a clothing store, trying to find someone to help!).

It’s not surprising that this all might affect our confidence a bit, but it’s worth noting that we think the tide is turning, and (also not surprisingly) it’s being driven by older women (like me!) who are moving through to their next stage of life and think that your age is dictated more by how you feel, rather than how society thinks you should be seen.

It’s not that many years ago when women of some shapes and sizes just could not find any clothing that was made for them. They were like little round pegs trying to fit into size 8 square holes, trying to make it work with clothes that were the wrong style and cut for their body shape.  Now, there are a plethora of brands out there that design clothes for all sorts of body shapes – and we’re super-proud to be included in that group with our carefully considered swimwear designs.

We’re also a bit excited that “plus-size” models are becoming the norm, and that there’s a huge and growing awareness that women do in fact come in all shapes and sizes, and shock-horror – sometimes they even have grey hair!

So if you’re a little bit older, and have enjoyed many years in the body you’re in, and are sprouting the odd grey hair here and there…WE SEE YOU…spreading your sparkle like a '70's disco ball...and we celebrate you.

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