Why we're all over underwire

why we're all over underwire


Hands up if you love wearing underwire in your bra!

Nope, we didn’t think so!

Underwire has a tendency to make itself known by digging into your skin, sitting uncomfortably or worse, escaping from your bra altogether.

That’s why a lot of women prefer a shelf bra for stability and support, and unlike bits of wire, you won’t even know it's there!

So, with your comfort in mind, there is NO WIRE inside any Ellenny Swim swimwear, but that doesn’t mean there’s no support. We prefer the comfort and versatility of a shelf bra, and here’s why:

  • Our shelf bra wraps around the back – giving you all-around extra support – literally!
  • There’s room to move – shelf bras naturally conform to your shape, no matter what it is.
  • There’s soft-cup padding SEWN IN – so you don’t need to worry about scrunching, creasing, folding, or any other annoying things that non-attached cup pads might do.
  • There’s an extra pocket – for prosthesis after mastectomy.

Did we mention there’s NO wire?

It’s worth remembering that when underwired bras became popular (in around the 1930’s and 1940’s), it was seen as a way to help women move away from wearing a corset. Compared to corsets, a bit of wire must have felt like luxury!

Underwire has long been considered a tiresome necessity for those with larger busts, but with advances in shelf bra technology and design, and the use of good quality fabric such as the recycled fishing nets we use here at Ellenny Swim, we think it’s time to ditch the wire altogether.

And while we’re talking about swimwear that works with your body, rather than fights against it, it’s probably worth mentioning that we also have hidden mesh for tummy control too!

It might seem a bit strange that we’ve given so much thought to something as simple as the wire in a bra, but we think it was time well-spent if it means that you can enjoy swimming and relaxing in your swimwear without having to deal with that “stabbing” feeling.

You can find more information on this, and all the other features of our swimwear in our FAQ’s.  

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