Why the world wants Aussie swimwear


What is it about Aussie swimwear that makes it so popular globally? Ellenny Swim designer Megan Davis says it’s our summers, ocean, and wanderlust lifestyle that provides designers inspiration and the freedom to experiment.

‘It’s as active as it is laid-back, and our swimwear reflects Australian’s effortless style,’ she says. ‘We also share a collective love for our land, so sustainability and ethics are also front of mind for designers. There is boundless inspiration to draw from.’

Megan says comfort and wearability are also the secret to our success. ‘Bathers should feel as comfortable as possible; it’s what makes them more wearable,’ she says. ‘Practicality is my middle name, and so is unique styling, which is why every pair of Ellenny bathers ticks these boxes. There’s nothing else like us on the market.’

Because we are so active at the beach, fit is just as important as good looks. ‘The ocean is an unpredictable place to be, and swimwear needs to be able to handle whatever is thrown at it,’ she says. ‘No woman wants to be active in the water with the fear of nip slip!’

Alongside fit, style, and practicality is sustainability, a crucial element common amongst all Aussie-born brands. ‘Sustainability is a core value for us,’ agrees Megan. ‘I have spent a lot of time researching the best fabric options that are premium, fit friendly, and sustainable. Italian-made Carvico fabric is a beautiful and responsible fabrication that blends quality and environmental responsibility. It’ssecond to none.’

Stylish, sustainable and practical, it’s no surprise Australian swimwear is in demand globally. ‘Finding creative influence and mindfulness from our country’s culture and landscape is what sets our swimwear apart from the rest of the world,’ agrees Megan. ‘There’s always hype around international fashion designers, but it’s important to remember we have some incredible talent right here on our doorstep.’

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