Random Acts of Kindness coming your way

Random Acts of Kindness

Want to know a little secret?

Being kind to others is as beneficial to you as it is to the recipient.

That’s because doing nice things for others makes you feel good about yourself, releases those endorphins to boost your mood and self-esteem…which in turn boost your confidence and makes you feel proud.

Do nice things for others over and over and before you know it, you’ve got a steady stream of the good vibes that reduce your stress and anxiety levels and improve your sense of happiness and well-being.

So what better day to start throwing out random acts of kindness than today, Random Acts of Kindness Day?

You don’t have to give thousands of dollars or days of your time to get this little happiness boost either. It could be as simple as carrying someone’s groceries to their car, paying for their coffee, or even just paying them a compliment.

Here’s some more ideas to get you started:

  • Cook some meals for a new parent, so they have something tasty to eat when they’re too tired to cook,
  • Invite someone you know who lives alone around for coffee and a chat,
  • Offer to babysit for free for a friend who deserves a night off,
  • Pay it forward – offer to pay for someone’s parking or coffee,
  • Volunteer in your local community, as a one-off, or regularly,
  • Pay someone a compliment – you’ll make their day!

We’re big believers in karma here at Ellenny Swim. That’s why we’ve worked really hard to help women of all shapes and sizes feel good about themselves and their bodies. It’s so important to us that women feel confident, loved and appreciated, because we know that sharing that ethos with others in turn encourages them to share it with others too, creating beautiful ripples of kindness.

We don’t just save that for humans either – being kind to the planet through sustainable practices is a big part of our philosophy too. So if you’re not really a people person, you can be kind to the planet instead, by choosing green options, recycling, planting trees, adopting animals or supporting environmental charities. The list goes on!

If you haven’t worked it out by now Random Acts of Kindness Day is our jam! Whether you’re a recipient, or dishing out the kindness, we wish you a happy day today.

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