How to care for your swimwear this summer


The secret to staying chic in the heat this summer?

Beautifully cared for swimwear that can hold its own, whether on Scarborough beach or sipping cocktails at Cottesloe.

Swimwear looks and feels resilient, yet of all the garments in our wardrobes, it must endure the most wear and tear. Sun, chlorine, salt, heat, sand and poolside abrasions can take their toll. Keep your favourite Ellenny bathers in pristine condition for a long and happy life by laundering them with care.

Designer Megan Davis gives us her top tips for looking after your Ellenny bathers this summer.

- Always rinse your bathers in cool water after swimming as quickly as possible. It removes contaminants like salt, chlorine, sunscreen and perspiration, which is essential for looking after the fabric and maintaining the shape of your bathers.

- Chlorine is terrible for swimwear fabric! It’s a highly corrosive chemical, and although Ellenny Swim uses chlorine resistant fabric, no material is 100% chlorine proof. Over time, it has a real impact on the fabric. If your bathers smell strongly of chlorine, mix a capful of vinegar with warm water and let them soak for 30 minutes; then rinse and drip dry.

- If you spend a lot of time in bathers, have a stockpile of 2 or 3 pairs and wear on rotation. It will extend their lifespan. When I travel, I always pack at least two pairs. It also means I always have a dry pair on standby.

- Launder your bathers once a week if you have been wearing them a lot. Hand wash in cold water using a gentle detergent, spread flat on a towel in the shade and allow to dry. Whilst handwashing is the most gentle washing method, machine washing is fine too if you use the delicate cycle and wash your bathers independently. Flip them inside out and put in a mesh bag. Use an ultra-mild detergent, and be sure to set the machine on delicate cycle.

- Never dry your bathers in the dryer! Always lie flat in a spot out of direct sunlight to prevent UV rays fading colour and breaking down fabric fibres.

- When stowing away your bathers, always store flat, ensuring they are completely dry to prevent mildew. If you’re putting them away for the season, pop them in a cotton drawstring bag; never plastic that can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

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