Give the gift of self-care this Christmas

Self care at Christmas

Christmas is only days away! But for some, far from being a relaxing time, the lead up to Christmas Day can be hectic and overwhelming as we all try to squeeze in Christmas parties, finish up projects at work, do that last minute Christmas shopping, start prepping meals for the Christmas Day feast, pack for a holiday…phew…it’s a lot!

In amongst all that frantic mix of planning, work and events it’s easy to forget to take time to relax and enjoy the festive season, and more importantly, to use the downtime that the holidays provide for some well-deserved R & R!

We’re a realistic bunch here at the Ellenny Swim team, and as busy working mums we understand that finding time to yourself when the kids are underfoot and things need to get done is near impossible, so here are our top five-minute self-care activities we suggest you squeeze in wherever you can:

Tip 1: Listen to your favourite song 

Stick on the headphones and scroll through your playlist to find one of your favourites. It could be a high tempo classic that you can sing and dance to, or something slow and relaxing to listen to with your eyes closed while sitting in the sun. And yes, it can be a Christmas carol, if that’s your thing…

Tip 2: Sttretttchhh

Spend five minutes stretching, slowing moving your tired and sore limbs this way and that. You can do this lying down if you like, before you even get out of bed, or last thing before you go to sleep, or during the day to release some tension in your neck and back. You’ll be surprised at just how much relief you can give yourself in five minutes.

Tip 3: Stop

Stop whatever you’re doing and just sit (or lie) completely still. You might have to find a little escape area to do this away from the kids – perhaps even in a cupboard if you have to, but it’s important that you do this uninterrupted. Wherever you are, just stop everything you are doing and spend five minutes looking and listening to everything around you – the wind in the trees, the birds singing or just the sound of that sweet, sweet silence.

Tip 4: Hydrate 

We all know how important it is to drink water, especially in summer, and when we’re busy, sometimes we can forget to take a few minutes to enjoy a cool refreshing glass. If you’re like us, you’re guilty of walking around the house drinking a cup of tea or coffee while doing all the chores with the other hand. If that’s you STOP right now, sit down and finish your drink in peace! No chores, no phone, just you and a cup of something refreshing. (Note: we’re not naïve enough to think your glass might not have wine in it…see tip 5!)

Tip 5: Enjoy 

Tips 1 to 4 are all about slowing down and smelling the roses. Tip 5 is about immersing yourself in all that is fun about Christmas and the holiday season. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself that the dishes, chores and kid’s demands can wait until later so you can join in with the festivities. Savour the chocolate, enjoy the bubbles and spend quality time with your loved ones. With a bit of luck this tip will take much longer than five minutes to complete. 😉

Wishing you a happy (and relaxing) festive season!

Megan xx

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