An Eco Approach

At this rate our oceans are on track to be little more than rubbish tips in the next 30 years. I firmly believe that we all need to play our part in protecting the world’s natural environments, including taking a good, hard look at how we produce and consume products.

When I started Ellenny Swim, sustainability was top of the list.  I needed my products to not only look and feel good, but be eco-friendly and made from used materials.

When I was designing my range, I devoted a lot of time to researching the best fabric options to meet the dual goals of being both a premium product and a sustainable one.  And after much investigation, I finally found the sumptuous Italian Cervico fabric, which is not only a premium choice for swimwear, it’s also sourced from recycled fishing nets and other reclaimed materials.

I was happy that I'd found the perfect blend of quality and environmental responsibility.

In addition to that, the fabric is designed to last longer than average swimwear; reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

The extra sun-safe protection from the 50+ UPF fabric coupled with greater body coverage, reduces the need for sunscreen – and the subsequent leaching of chemicals in to sea water. 

I put so much thought, love and consideration in the development of Ellenny Swim swimwear, because we only have one planet, and we need to each do our part to love and protect it. 

If sustainability is important to you, take a look at the Ellenny Swim range.

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